Wednesday 15 October 2014

a stressful start...

A pleasant introduction is always essential, so, so as not to be rude, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Charlie, I'm 17 years old, and in my final year at school.  Final year can only mean one thing, and that is stress, and a lot of it at that! Since the first week of September my friends and I have been absolutely bombarded with sheets upon sheets of paperwork screaming "UCAS", "PERSONAL STATEMENT" and "URGENT: TIME IS RUNNING OUT" at us. Does anyone else feel like it's all come around a bit too  suddenly for their liking? Two of my best friends have turned 18, and are stepping up into the big wide world of adulthood. It isn't long until I'll be forced into their shoes and become a mature, sophisticated female too. But I can't help wistfully looking back at the 13-year-old me and feeling a little jealous, and frankly idiotic for simply wishing my teenage years away only to probably find out that being 18 isn't  all it's cracked up to be.
All the stress seems to be piling up around everyone at the moment, and we haven't even hit October half term yet! I tried for a week to get back into my gym routine that had long become dormant , but studying three A2 levels is much harder than what it says on the packaging! I'm trying to think positively at the moment, but it's so difficult on a Monday morning knowing I still have to sit through five days worth of teaching before the weekend sprints past again, leaving me to repeat the same sad cycle all over again.
Despite all this, Christmas is on it's way, a time for good cheer, so I'm keeping my smile for now!
Charlie x

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