Friday 24 October 2014

Pistorius - freak accident or just cold blooded murder?

 A topic of huge controversy of late has been the Oscar Pistorius sentencing, which was finalised three days ago on the 21st October, over a year and a half after the crime was committed. I'm just going to come out and say it, personally, I think it was premeditated and that Pistorius was fully aware of who he was killing. There are a number of reasons why I have reached this conclusion, one of which being that he told the security guards for the housing estate that everything was "fine" when they rang to check after hearing gunshots. Now it could be argued in hearing this that perhaps Pistorius went into a panic mode, was freaking out after accidentally shooting his girlfriend, and didn't want to tell anybody in case they thought he had murdered her. However, there are so many more pieces to the puzzle which suggest that what he did was pre-planned and completely intentional.
 According to the Daily Mail (dodgy I know, but still believable) two witnesses heard SCREAMS between gunshots, which implies Pistorius was aware that he was not shooting an intruder, but Reeva Steenkamp instead. There is also evidence taken from his browsing history on his computer which suggests that a happy, romantic Valentine's evening was never on the cards.
 In the trial Pistorius's lawyer seemed to be frantically looking around for alibis, even resorting to mentioning his disability randomly at one point, a factor that should not have influenced the judge's verdict. However in my opinion I feel the evidence was not consulted properly, there was STACKS that pointed towards a man guilty of murder, and NOT culpable homicide. It's an atrocity that a man found guilty of killing his innocent girlfriend could be released from prison after serving just NINE MONTHS of his measly five year sentence depending on his behaviour. A disgusting and completely unfair verdict.

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