Sunday 19 June 2016

Summer time! Finally...

To any readers I owe an apology. I was up to my eyeballs in assignments and exam prep during pretty much all of May, which is why there has been no blog posted since mid-April.

However, I have actually FINISHED my first year of university and am free now for three whole months, which means (hopefully) I'll be posting a lot more blog updates on here!

Moody uni times: A disposable taken back in January. (I'm on the far left)

(Disclaimer: This post comes across ridiculously philosophical and potentially pretentious, but honestly it's meant to be purely positive!😳)

I've been itching to get creative with my writing ever since I finished exams, but unfortunately my part-time job up in Manchester has been pretty much all I've done for the past three weeks. Now I'm home in Devon for a little while though, and honestly cannot wait to let my pen (yes I actually write a lot by hand!) flow freely.

The message of this post is short and sweet; I've been feeling really negative energy coming from myself recently, which I put down to stress from exams, work and living situations just to name a few. However after speaking with a friend yesterday I'm feeling tonnes more positive. She suggested that instead of dwelling on the negatives of life, which sometimes I feel are physically dragging me down, take life as it comes, enjoy alone time, crave creativity, experience the world around you and make the most of time with family and friends, as much or little as you get. I know it seems like an obvious message, but sometimes people, such as my negative yester-self appreciate the reminder. 

With this in mind I urge any readers to take time, even just ten minutes to do something they really love, to indulge in their passions!

Stay tuned,

Charlie X 

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