Sunday 28 August 2016

Return of the Blog

Hi readers!

I'm going to be honest, I've been pretty crappy at updating my blog over summer. In fact it's been over two months now since I posted. This summer has honestly flown by 😟.

This summer is my first as a university student, however it's really not been what I expected. You'd think with three months off from learning and another still to go I'd have had the most relaxing summer of my life, stress free. Nope! These past few months have been a fairly large sized roller coaster, (I know that probably sounds exaggerated but hey maybe that's my aesthetic and we all need to just accept that). What with work, exams (my own fault for messing up the first time though - oops...) and travelling up and down the country all the time, as well as my parents going through a lot of change too, this summer has worn me a little to be honest, but I'm finally settled for a little while and feeling focussed and positive about moving into the second year of uni!
Procrastination ---> complaining on snapchat 

Despite feeling a little down at times, I've been trying to get more creative over the past few months and I've learned that it really does distract me from stress, which is great. If anyone reading this is going through a stressful time, I'd really encourage taking time out to do what you feel most passionate about, whatever that is. 

A lot of great times were had with family and friends all over the country this summer, so just want to specially mention them all for making it so wonderful, particularly to everyone at home in Torbay 💓.
Some friends from home and I (plus boyfriend) before a night out.
Just to let any readers know, I've also started writing for two online magazines, Kettle Mag and The Closet (Hit the Floor), so be sure to check them out on Twitter or Facebook!

More posts to come soon,


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