Friday 21 October 2016

A move to new and exciting times!

Hello to all readers!

Once again I find myself apologising for not sticking to my word and updating this every month, however I've been extremely busy for the past month what with being back at uni and all. I've now moved into my second year at Salford University and am really enjoying it, although don't think I was quite prepared for how much harder second year would be! To all first years, honestly enjoy it while you can😬!

I've actually changed course so now no longer study journalism, just straight English literature. I do however still write for The Closet and Kettle Mag, and am extremely excited to announce I am now the beauty editor over at Kettle Mag!!! I'm so excited for the new and interesting things I'm planning on bringing to Kettle, so please go on and give them a like and follow to keep up with it all! 
(source: Kettle Mag - Facebook)

I've also been working in my job as a waitress a lot lately, and for anyone who juggles uni and a part time job I REALLY do empathise. It's near impossible to have a social life which really sucks, I know my two flatmates are in the same boat and feel the same😔 It's really shitty that without a job I actually would have to make a choice between eating and paying rent...

That's all for now, and seeing as I've taken on this role at Kettle I'm not making any promises about when the next blog will be...



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